Organization Overview

COIC is the largest indigenous non-governmental organization involved with Job Training & Employment Generation in Cameroon. COIC provides marketable skills training and job support services to underprivileged youth, retrenched workers, retired workers and members of the community in Cameroon. Because of COIC’s long history of involvement in Cameroon, it now provides capacity-building services to other non-profit and community-building organizations in the country through its Rural Training Unit and its Small Enterprise Unit.

COIC’s innovative model includes several income-generating ventures that support COIC and provide their beneficiaries with valuable, hands-on training. For example, students in COIC’s auto mechanics course spend time learning their trade at COIC’s driving school. Students learning hotel management receive hands-on experience at COIC’s hotel, The Pavilion Hotel in Buea, Cameroon. The creations made by students in welding and woodwork furnish COIC’s hotel and wood works shop, and students in COIC’s culinary classes operate the restaurant attached to The Pavilion Hotel.